Green Weaving
YSOA | Peggy Deamer
In Collaboration with Felicia Martin

The Gowanus provides a complex set of challenges; a need for remediation of a contaminated site, a need for a new type of urban density that responds to the existing fabric of Brooklyn, and to the future developments of the surrounding area. The site lies between Sackett Street and 2nd Street, with Bond Street to the West and 3rd Avenue to the East, and serves as a connector for the two surrounding neighborhoods of Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. It can be envisioned as a large superblock that is ruptured through the center by the Gowanus; creating the opportunity for a large greenway that would be planted with different species of plants to aid the remediation process. Different methods of remediation are applied in programmatic layers; starting with a Bioremediation layer and a Semi-Permeable layer that would promote ground water circulation, a layer of terraces that would extend from the basement level for parking, the ground floor designed for retail and local businesses, the upper massing of the buildings that would be between 4 and 6 stories responding to the surrounding context, and finally, a Blue-Roof system featuring Photovoltaic tiles and rain-water collection that would serve grey water systems for each building. The greenway surrounding the Gowanus acts as a backyard for the entire site; an area that would be lush with diverse vegetation and would stimulate new growth.
Spring 2008.