YSOA | Keith Krumwiede

Instead of thinking of a Kunsthalle as a warehouse for Contemporary Art – I chose to think of it in a more traditional way. I studied the Sir John Soane Museum in London as a precedent, drawing inspiration from the small rooms that open on to one another in plan and in section. Daylight and circulation determined the organization of the galleries, and create opportunities for different lighting conditions in each gallery. The main circulation stairwell is an open void that brings in light from the sky. The galleries are lit with reflected light from the north and the south, which was studied with a half-inch day lighting model. Windows and doorways weave the galleries together, creating views from one gallery to the next through void spaces. The ‘Poché Of Light’ can be thought of as an object; a metaphysical insertion that holds the galleries together. There is an osmatic relationship between the gallery rooms – each flows into the next, and is yet defined as its own space in which art is to be displayed.
Fall 2007.